Community Involvement

  1. Chisago County 4H

    Help improve the quality of life, enhance the economy and the environment through by volunteering for the 4-H program.

  2. Chisago County Fair

    Become involved as a vendor at the county fair.

  3. Chisago County Historical Society

    Help provide a variety of educational programs year around by becoming a member of the historical society.

  4. Chisago County HRA-EDA

    Apply to become a member of the HRA-EDA.

  5. Chisago County Libraries

    Visit the East Central Region Library website for libraries in Chisago Couunty.

  6. Chisago County Master Gardeners

    Become a master gardener for Chisago County.

  7. Chisago Soil & Water Conservation District

    Help protect and preserve land and water resources in our county.