1. Capital Improvement Plan

    View the most recent approved Capital Improvement Plan.

  2. Chisago County Information Guide

    Brochure with a brief look at Chisago County History, including contact information for Chisago County Commissioners, a Chisago County Department Directory. Also includes contact information for cites and townships in Chisago County.

  3. City Street Maps

    City Street Maps (pdf)

  4. County Budget Comparisons

    View County Budget Comparisons starting with 2009.

  5. County Ordinances

    Read the ordinances that are in affect for the county.

  6. County Policies

    Access policies that are active in the county.

  7. Emergency Road Atlas

    Downloads a Zip file containing the Emergency Road Atlas (PDF document). This book consists of five sections: 1) Maps of the townships; 2) Maps of the municipalities; 3) Maps of the airport, campgrounds and mobile home parks; 4) Maps of the surrounding townships that border Chisago County; and 5) Chisago County road index.

  8. Environmental Connections Newsletters

    The newsletters are produced by the Chisago County Department of Environmental Services/Zoning twice annually and mailed to residents. On-line versions are available starting with Fall 2006.

  9. Foster Care Online Video Training - CHILD

    Required Online Training for Child Foster Care Providers.

  10. Frequently Asked Questions

    View frequently asked questions asked of the various county departments.

  11. History of Chisago County

    A Brief Look at Chisago County History.

  12. Interactive GIS Map

    Explore the county using the geographic information system (GIS) interactive map.

  13. Map - Public Transit Routes

    Public Transit - Heartland Express Service Routes.

  14. Maps & Data

    View different maps and associated data about the county.

  15. Mobile Home Assessment Data

    Download Entire County by YEAR (Zip File)

  16. Mobile Home Tax Data

    Download Entire County by YEAR (Microsoft Access File)

  17. Observed Holidays

    Dates that all County Buildings will be closed in observance of holidays.

  18. Property Tax Assessment Data

    Download Entire County by YEAR (Zip File)

  19. Property Tax Data

    Download Entire County by YEAR (Zip File)

  20. Property Tax Information

    Peruse information about property taxes in the county.

  21. Public Crime Maps

    Crime Mapping using RaidsOnline

  22. Public Surplus AUCTION Website

  23. Quick Links

    View quick links provided from all county departments.

  24. Tourism Information

    Chisago Lakes Community Tourism Information. Five Small Towns, One Amazing Community: Chisago City, Lindstrom, Center City, Shafer and Taylors Falls.

  25. Truth in Taxation Hearings

    View information presented at the Truth in Taxation Hearings.

  26. Year End Financials

    View Year End Financials starting with 2008.

  27. Zoning Maps

    Zoning maps (jpf & pdf)