Boards & Commissions

  1. Current Vacancies

    Learn about which county boards have vacancies currently.

  2. Board of Adjustment & Appeals

    Find out about the Board of Adjustment and Appeals, and review the Agendas and Minutes from their meetings.

  3. Citizen Review Panel

    Learn about the function of the Citizen Review Panel.

  4. Comfort Lake / Forest Lake Watershed District

    Discover the duties of the Comfort Lake / Forest Lake Watershed District.

  5. Extension Committee

    The Extension Committee works to connect community needs with the resources of the University of Minnesota.

  6. HRA-EDA

    Explore the resources the Housing and Redevelopment Authority offers to both public and private sector clients.

  7. Lake Improvement District

    Learn about the responsibilities, duties, and programs involved with the Lake Improvement District (LID).

  8. Library Board

    Learn about the Library Board of Chisago County.

  9. Noxious Weed Appeal Committee

    Find out about the functions of the Noxious Weed Appeal Committee.

  10. Parks Board

    Understand the duties and responsibilities of the Parks Board.

  11. Planning Commission

    Review information and documents concerning the county's Planning Commission.

  12. Solid Waste Advisory Committee

    The Solid Waste Advisory Committee is responsible for the Waste Management Plan of Chisago County.

  13. Special Task Forces- Ad Hoc Committees

    In order to accelerate the time frame for examination of specific issues and provide factual basis for the department to make its recommendations Special Task Forces, Ad Hoc Committees, or Study Groups may be appointed.

  14. Water Plan Policy Team

    The purpose of the Chisago County Water Plan Policy Team is to advise the County's Local Water Resource Manager on implementation of the goals, objectives and action items contained in the County Water Plan.