Child Care Licensing

Chisago County child care licensing works as an agent of the Minnesota Department of Human Services Licensing Division. Licensing works with the family child care providers to establish standards of care throughout the county while adhering to the licensing laws.

Family child care licensing staff is responsible for licensing and monitoring providers and ensuring that children in licensed homes receive safe, adequate care.

Child care licensing staff is available to answer questions about the licensing process. By working together, we hope to get providers off to a positive and successful start in the child care field.

Parent Information
Parents can receive information regarding licensed family child care by contacting the licensing unit 651-213-5200.

Parents looking for child care in Chisago County should contact Child Care Aware at 800-890-5399 or visit their website for a list of providers.

Parents can also do a statewide search for licensed providers by contacting the Department of Human Services (DHS).

Become a Licensed Child Care Provider
For those interested in becoming a licensed child care provider, the child care licensing guidelines provide an overview of the licensing requirements. This includes general licensing information you should be aware of before beginning the licensing process.

Child Care Provider Network
There is a Child Care Provider Network (CCPNCC) in Chisago County. This group works to support child care providers.