Living & Visiting

  1. Chisago County Information Guide

    Brochure with a brief look at Chisago County History, including contact information for Chisago County Commissioners, a Chisago County Department Directory. Also includes contact information for cites and townships in Chisago County.

  2. Chisago County Libraries

    Visit the East Central Regional Library website for libraries in Chisago Couunty.

  3. Chisago Lakes Community Tourism

    Five Small Towns, One Amazing Community: Chisago City, Lindstrom, Center City, Shafer and Taylors Falls.

  4. City & Township Officials

    Review the city and township officials of the county.

  5. Community

    Learn about the community within the county and how you can be apart of it.

  6. Community Involvement

    Find different places community members can volunteer and work within the county.

  7. Employment

    Review the employment information and opportunities with Chisago County.

  8. Facilities & Hours (County Parks)

    Browse the available facilities and hours of Chisago County Parks.

  9. Federal Agency Contacts

    This is a list of federal agencies that can be of use to the community.

  10. History of Chisago County

    Read about the history of Chisago County along with current information.

  11. How to Get Involved

    Learn how to get involved with the community.

  12. Law & Public Safety

    Find out about the legal services the county maintains to keep you safe.

  13. Local Support Agencies

    Read through a list of state and county support agencies.

  14. Maps & Data

    View different maps and associated data about the county.

  15. Observed Holidays

    Read a list of holidays the county offices are closed for.

  16. Property & Roadways

    Explore a list of helpful links regarding county roadways and property.

  17. Recreation

    Read about different recreational activities for members of the community and visitors to enjoy.

  18. Schools

    Read through a list of all the schools in the county and how to contact them.

  19. Staff Directory

    Peruse through a list of the county staff.

  20. Wellness Resource Guide

    The Wellness Resource Guide provides information about local opportunities to be physically active, eat a well-balanced diet and stop tobacco use.