Maternal & Child Health

Chisago County Public Health believes that every family should have their questions answered and the tools they need to get their family off to a good beginning.

The Maternal and Child Health Program at Chisago County offers home visits to families living in Chisago County at no personal cost to you, although we may bill 3rd party coverage if applicable.

Home Visit Information Received
During the home visit you will receive information on:
  • Nutrition, infant care, sleeping, behavior and other parenting concerns
  • Information on prenatal care, labor and delivery, and breastfeeding.
  • A check of your baby's health, growth and development
  • Family planning information
  • Preterm labor prevention
  • Prenatal and childbirth education
  • Ideas to stimulate your child's growth and development
  • Tips on providing a safe and healthy environment for your child
  • Assistance with behavioral concerns
  • Information on immunizations and child and teen checkups
  • Community resource information and referral
  • Resources for special needs children and their families
  • Parenting support
To find out more information or schedule a visit to your home, call 651-213-5231.

Additional Resources