Doing Business

  1. Advertisement for Bids

    Browse information about the advertisement for bids.

  2. Bid Opportunities

    Review different bid opportunities in the county.

  3. Building & Construction Permits

    Peruse through building and construction permits for the community.

  4. Business Licenses

    Obtain information about licenses to do business in the county.

  5. Chamber Offices

    Discover the four different Chamber Offices Chisago County has.

  6. Community Involvement

    Find some helpful tools on working in Chisago County.

  7. Directions / Map to County Facilities

    Get directions to county facilities.

  8. Economic Development

    Gain information about economic development in the county.

  9. Employment

    Browse employment information for the county.

  10. Geologic Atlas

    Get access to the Chisago County Geologic Atlas.

  11. Maps & Data

    View different maps and associated data about the county.

  12. Observed Holidays

    Seek what holidays businesses are closed in the county.

  13. Planning Commission

    Find details about the Planning Commission, the service they provide, and the members.

  14. Real Estate

    Learn about real estate in the community.

  15. Zoning Maps

    Discover the zoning districts of the county.