Departments & Divisions

  1. Civil Courts

    The function of the Civil Division is to serve the public by processing and maintaining lawsuits that involve allegations of civil causes of action.

  2. Conciliation Courts

    The Conciliation Court, also called small claims court, allows citizens to bring their legal claims before the court without expensive costs, attorney's fees, or complicated legal procedures.

  3. Criminal & Traffic Courts

    The Criminal and Traffic Division handles all traffic and parking tickets within Chisago County, as well as all criminal charges brought by the County Attorney.

  4. Family Courts

    Family Court is the division of the District Court in Chisago County which deals with cases involving families.

  5. Other Courts

    Learn about the other divisions and departments involved in the county, such as; Guardian Ad Litem Program Services, Juvenile Court, and Probate / Mental Health (Civil Commitment) Court.