Current Elected State and County Officials

Elected Official
Governor Mark Dayton (D)
Congressman Rick Nolan (D) 8th Congressional District
Senator Al Franken (D)
Senator Amy Klobucher (D)
State Senator Sean Nienow (R) Senate District 32

Cities: Center City, Chisago City, Harris,

North Branch - A,B,C, Rush City,

Stacy, Taylors Falls, Wyoming

Townships: Amador, Chisago Lake,

Fish Lake, Lent, Nessel, Rushseba

Shafer, Sunrise
State Senator Karin Housley (R) Senate District 39

City: Shafer

Township: Franconia
Representative Brian Johnson (R) Legislative District 32A

Cities: Harris, North Branch - A, Rush City

Townships: Fish Lake, Nessel, Rushseba
Representative Bob Barrett (R) Legislative District 32B

Cities: Center City, Chisago City, Lindstrom

North Branch - B,C, Stacy, Taylors Falls,


Townships: Amador, Chisago Lake, Lent,

Shafer, Sunrise
Representative Bob Dettmer (R) Legislative District 39A

City: Shafer

Township: Franconia

County Auditor Dennis J Freed
County Treasurer Lee D Olson
County Sheriff Rick Duncan
County Attorney Janet Reiter
County Commissioner Lora Walker Commissioner District 1

Cities: Center City, North Branch - C

Townships: Chisago Lake-N, Lent
County Commissioner Rick Greene Commissioner District 2

Cities: North Branch - B,

Shafer, Taylors Falls

Townships: Amador, Franconia,

 Shafer, Sunrise
County Commissioner George McMahon Commissioner District 3

Cities: Chisago City, Lindstrom

Township: Chisago Lake-S
County Commissioner Ben Montzka Commissioner District 4

Cities: Stacy, Wyoming
County Commissioner Mike Robinson Commissioner District 5

Cities: Harris, North Branch - A, Rush City

Townships: Fish Lake, Nessel, Rushseba
Soil And Water Craig Mold District 1
City: Rush City
Township: Fish Lake, Nessel, Rushseba 
Soil And Water Roland Cleveland District 2
City: Harris, North Branch, Stacy 

Township: Lent
Soil And Water David Tollberg District 3
Townships: Amador, Sunrise
Soil And Water Justin L Wilson District 4
Cities: Center City, Chisago City,
Lindstrom, Wyoming 

Township: Chisago Lake
Soil And Water Jim Birkholz District 5
Cities: Shafer, Taylors Falls
Townships: Franconia, Shafer