1. Administration

    View your government’s budget and check out the responsibilities of the Administration Department.

  2. Assessor

    This department is responsible for estimating property values and setting property classification for tax purposes.

  3. Auditor

    This department is responsible for the financial records of the county.

  4. County Attorney

    Meet the county attorney, and find information on the criminal processes within the county.

  5. Emergency Management & Homeland Security

    Emergency Management & Homeland Security

  6. Environmental Services/Zoning & Parks

    The Environmental Services Department is responsible for taking care of the precious natural resources and landscapes in Chisago County.

  7. Health & Human Services

    The Chisago County Health and Human Services Department protects vulnerable citizens of the county and provides opportunities for individuals to enhance their quality of life.

  8. Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department assists all departments in the attraction and retention of qualified, productive, and customer-focused employees.

  9. Information Systems

    Read the responsibilities of the Management of Information and Communications Systems (MICS) Department and view GIS maps and data.

  10. Parks & Trails

    Discover how to best enjoy the different parks and trails in the community.

  11. Probation

    Find out about the services provided through the Probation Department.

  12. Public Transit - Heartland Express

    The Chisago-Isanti County Heartland Express is a public transportation service, which operates within the county borders.

  13. Public Works

    Understand how the department contributes to the planning, design, and construction of roads in the county.

  14. Recorder

    Peruse real estate and vital statistic records.

  15. Sheriff’s Office

    Access the different programs the Sheriff's Office has to offer the community.

  16. Treasurer

    Learn how to make online tax payments and other information about county taxes.

  17. Veterans Services

    Browse all the veteran services available to the community of Chisago County.